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The Most Desired: Why Choose Oil Painting

Satisfaction of one’s cravings can seem impossible at these current times.

Many wondering minds have to look around to see what they can have from the arts.

As their passions grow stronger, oil painting seems like the only new start.

The footprints of man can affirm why you should embark on this new path.

Trace the path to broader understandings that you've never had. 


What's Oil Painting?

Oil painting is the process of applying an oil substance, which contains pigments that gives the oil color, on an artistic surface such as a canvas in order to produce a decorative picture. 

This kind of paint is rich in quality.  

In comparison to the other painting mediums, oil paint has a longer drying-settling time before one can go back to work on it, but it’s totally worth it.

Using oil paint comes down to the painting style that you decide to use.

There are various painting methods out there that an artist could choose from, but a popular style used is called alla prima. It's an Italian phrase.

Alla prima is away of applying oil paint onto a canvas in one painting session. After that one session, you have completed the painting.

So, you don’t have to wait until it dries fully for this style.

Sliding Through History

This slick medium has a slippery history.

The first possible origins of oil painting have oscillated throughout the times in many debates, but its footprints are all over Eurasia.

Some are affirming that oil painting started in Europe around the Renaissance, while others say that the Buddhists were the first to use this medium.

Per professional standards and perspective, the true past masters of oil paintings mostly came from European origins.

Otherwise, it's widely used in modern times as a common medium.

Hoarding The Goods

The presence of oil paintings is a worldly desire. 

Such desire has inflated to new heights as time went by.

Many would wonder to gain such flaunting desires.

These desires greatly stamp a status symbol on those who have, by leaving a stellar mark in their regard.  

Prestige and honor becomes part of their daily lives with such a mark. 

In times of monetary horrors, it has always left a high price by society stance.

Those who can hoard such treasures, they do as much as they can.

Each place of residence wishes that they had with endless remarks.

Such remarks would simply surpass any supply and demand with high mark.

The higher its rarity, the longer it would last with lingering thoughts. 

A hoarder’s findings never last with so many hungry minds.

Oil paintings are all that hungry minds would ever want.

It's common fashion for many to decorate their dwellings full of this art.

Many seek them and many makes them, thus supply and demand on the front stands.

The value of cash randomly fluctuates, but oil paintings never give it any mind.

Thus, the above poem is an expression of the true value of this art. 

Be Part of the Movement

The most desired item in painting is there for you to have.

Have as many as you want, as you make them with your own bare hands.

There is no room for jealousy and envy with oil painting as an art.

Envision an endless room to make anything that you want.

So join the moment by creating your own art with no regrets at its heart.

Leave your societal mark with such an art.

Oil painting is the only way to start.

Written by,

Nathaniel Bernard—Art Blogger


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