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The Magic of Curves and Flows

The Magic of Curves and Flows

The allure and magnetism of curves and flows can have an influence in how one sees and experiences the world around us.

Its influence could be subtle or broad in scope upon one’s thoughts, which sculpts new truths with mesmerizing lines to meet each other on the other line.

Undulating observations, eventually arriving to concluding thoughts, as part of a sculptor’s task.

Sculpting is always transforming in new shapes and forms by resonating in others in a creative form.

Follow the curves and flows and see what it beholds.

An Outline with a Purpose

Sculpting in relation to the world and all that we do in life.

Every artistic creation in this universe, whether minute or massive, it has its lines, curves and flows leading to an overall whole. The totality of such creative existence presents an outline of unique form in each direction one beholds.  

Any beholder gazing upon this world might simply perceive the wonders of sculpting expressed in many ways. Even, man and mother nature both play a hand upon the sculpting of life.  

There seem to be a magic element upon the eye of the mind when observing the gracefulness of curves and flows.  

Each creation through sculpting gives an artistic outline with a purposeful concept intellectually guiding any beholder.

This is an image to help illustrate how the contour of something can have an effect upon any beholder.

Some artistic purposes in sculpting can have a practical, aesthetic or mysterious intent behind it. It could be as well a creative byproduct of other broader purposes or influences.   

Well, when considering that, if something gets sculpted with the intent of having no purpose, but with spontaneous creativity, could it still be in its own right a purpose?  

It’s just a creative thought to keep in mind.

The Expressions of Outlines

Various outlines of different things in the world.

Outlines are their own language beyond spoken or written language in regard to the creative works of sculpting.

They could be thought of as the “secret” language of curves and shapes, where they present a conscious or subconscious meaning based on what’s being created.

It has the power to stimulate certain concepts to mind, reflecting on our senses or actions due to it influence.

Have you ever felt or even seen someone whose breath got taken away in cheer admiration by the curves and flows of something they saw, with lingering thoughts thereafter?

Well, if so, one could say that life has a tendency to flow or create captivating elements towards one as a form of mystical magic sometimes with the usage of outlines.

Thus, these are some basic elements of outlines: 

#1 Message

This is an idea or concept you want intellectually formed into the beholders senses of understanding. One gets to sculpt the thought one intends to share with the world in a way that it’ll materialize in the work and subsequently in the mind of others.

#2 Mood

The mood is an extension of the overall message one intends to give through sculpting, but it using an emotional aspect that helps emote your idea. Having such an emotional element can enhance the connection of your ideas with their thoughts.

#3 Mystery

The mystery is more of a unique quality of the outline sculpted, which is unrecognized by the beholder, but still reminiscent somehow in one’s mind.

You could also say, it’s a form of “hidden” message alluring one to know more about it, where it’s enough to recognize something about it, but not enough to fully know it.

It leaves an unspoken message unexplained to the beholder, making him or her seek mentally for an answer.

In some ways, mystery itself helps the sculptor to get the observer to:  

Engage more with their work.  

Stimulate their creative thinking.  

Inspire others by leaving it open to thought.  

These above expressions of outlines in sculpting tend to form an overall purpose for one’s creative work.  

Each individual point could be emphasized more or less based on the purpose of the artist for his or her final rendition.

It eventually leads to a trail for the mind to follow.

The Highways of the Eyes

A woman shown observing out to the world to the curves and flows of life.

The curves and flows usually guide or captivate the observer to your creative destination.

It takes them through a mental and emotional journey, which could be short or long, with a subtle or impactful experience as a result.

Nothing is meant to be straight for long in this artistic world, but taken on a journey that flows in various directions.

Such paths taken could possibly guide the beholder to be in awe or in distraught based on the intention of the work. It simply tells an unspoken story for those wondering eyes to follow the sculpted path. 

For those who arrive to the final destination, they are there to gain the fruits of their close examination seeded by their artistic creator.

Thus, let sculpting take a universal form for all worlds to know.

Behold, the Curves of Aesthetics of the world.  

Written by,  

Nathaniel Bernard − Art Blogger